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1- How can I register in Al Rajhi Rewards Program?
Al Rajhi Rewards Program is available for all Al Rajhi individual customers. The registration can be done through “Al Mubasher” only, the banking service via Internet network.
2- Are there any fees required for registering at Al Rajhi Rewards Program?
No, there aren't any required fees. Registering on Al Rajhi Rewards Program is free.
3- How can I earn points?
The points can be obtained through Credit Card usage in domestic/International purchases and others after registering in Al Rajhi Rewards program.
4- When are points rewarded in my Al Rajhi Rewards account?
Al Rajhi Rewards points are going to be rewarded within a month maximum from the transaction date. can view the rewarded and redeemed points details through the Al Rajhi Rewards account online statement.
5- How can I redeem Al Rajhi Rewards points?
You can redeem Al Rajhi Rewards points through Al Rajhi Rewards website/Link by using the same Al Mubasher user name and password.
6- What can I replace Al Rajhi Rewards points with?
You can redeem Al Rajhi Rewards points by using one of the services or merchant list which is applied in Al Rajhi Rewards Program.
7- When do points get expired?
The points, that you obtained from every transaction, must be used in 1 year.
8- What happens to the existing points of credit card? and can I transfer them into Al Rajhi Rewards Program points after registering?
The unregistered customer in Al Rajhi Rewards Program won’t lose any points, but the customer can’t transfer or benefit from these points at Al Rajhi Rewards program because the points will be obtained only after registration.
9- Can I transfer Al Rajhi Rewards program points to other Al Rajhi Rewards account?
Yes you can, transfer Al Rajhi Rewards program points to another Al Rajhi Rewards account.
10- The service points are more than my current points, can I complete the remaining points through paying by card?
Yes, you can do so by paying the remaining points by your credit card easily and safely.
11- I forgot or lost the password for Al Rajhi Rewards Program, what can I do?
You can request/ reset you password through “Al Mubasher” or calling Al Rajhi Call Center 920003344. Al Mubasher & Alrajhi Rewards Program had same user id and password